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At Home, Speed Scratch and Budget Friendly! Homemade bread hot from the oven in minutes, you will impress family and guests alike! Enjoy many variations using our Quick Breads!
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Bayou Beer Bread (TWO mixes in each box!)
Enjoy a loaf of hot homemade bread in just 30 minutes! Add a can of beer to our easy mix, stir, pour into a pan and bake! Lightly sweet and incredibly delicious with any meal! Two mixes in each box - Great Value!

Morning Muffins
Zesty Cranberry and Orange flavors burst in your mouth as you enjoy these delicately delicious muffins. Filled with real dried cranberries and real dried orange peel, you can enjoy them at breakfast or with a cup of coffee anytime. Bake the mix as a bundt cake with pecans or walnuts or bake in loaf plans to slice.

Sweet Potato Muffin - BEST SELLER!
Scrumptious served at supper or breakfast! Make 48 mini muffins or 12 maxi size! Delicious just as they come...but you can add chopped nuts or raisins if you choose! Enjoy with coffee or baked ham and green beans! So good, they are almost dessert!

Tomato Basil Beer Bread (2 mixes in each box)
Bits of sundried tomato bursting with flavor make this bread a must for the dinner table! Great with pasta dishes! Use leftovers for wonderful cheese toast or a "bruschetta" base! Young people at The Crown call it "pizza bread!" Two bread mixes in each box for great value!

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