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Salad Dressings, Sauces & Marinades! Creative condiments for you to open and enjoy!
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Chimmi Sauce (8 oz.)
A garlic pesto for folks who like flavor but not fire! Based on a traditional South American Chimmichurri dish. Delicious tossed with hot pasta or spread on French bread with cheese and toasted. Wonderful on cream cheese with crackers or my favorite...drizzle just a little over grilled steak or roast beef!

Chipotle Sauce (8 oz.)
Flavor without fire! Chipotles are smoked dried Jalapeno peppers. Our Sauce is handcrafted from a centuries old recipe; peppers are smoked for 5 days in a brick oven. A truly unique and fabulous condiment. This flavorful sauce is a great (quite hot) dipping salsa and a fantastic cooking sauce! Pour sauce over a bit of cream cheese and spread on crackers, or make sensational Chipotle Country Pork Ribs or try our deliciously easy and exquisitely spicy Chipotle Pecan Cheese Ball

Cranberry Chutney (10.oz)
This sweet and spicy chutney filled with whole and crushed cranberries will be a family favorite year round ‚ not just at the Holidays. Spread on a bit of cream cheese for the easiest appetizer ever. Spread on ham and turkey sandwiches, serve with pork roast or glaze a baked chicken breast! Fruity and flavorful! The recipe for Cranberry Apple Crunch with pecans is on the website and can be a side dish for breakfast, brunch or supper!

Great Grilling Marinade (12 oz.)
Intensely flavored marinade and dipping sauce for chicken, fish, pork or beef. Use in small amounts to give a lightly oriental flair to food! The ginger, garlic, soy sauce, almost caramelized flavor will excite your taste buds and your imagination! Fabulous for grilling and stir-fry!

Jezebel Sauce - BEST SELLER! (9 oz.)
Let our Southern Jezebel Sauce haunt your taste buds with fire and sweetness! It’s a hot, sweet horseradish mustard made with apricots, peaches and apples! Wonderful on ham sandwiches, on top of cream cheese or as a dip for shrimp!

Peach Pecan Pepper Preserve - BEST SELLER! (10 oz.)
Sweet and hot - like pepper jelly - with chunky peaches and pieces of red and green peppers! Perfect over cream cheese with crackers! Or put a teaspoon of Preserves on top of browned pork chops, cover and let the Preserves “melt” into the sauce! Peach Pecan Cheese Ball is a delicious party dish you can make ahead! Recipes are on the website! You’ll always want to keep a jar on hand!

The Crown's Crispy Crumbles
Enjoy the Crown's House Salad at home....The Vidalia Dressing and the Crumbles are the "secret!" Sprinkle the Crumbles on salads for crunch and flavor. We’ve served Crispy Crumbles at The Crown since 1976! Use like any other crouton on salads..... ours are just uniquely delicious!

Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette - BEST SELLER! (12 oz.)
The Crown's absolute favorite! Our Vidalia "dresses" our House Salad with a sprinkle of our Crispy Crumbles! Creamy, slightly sweet, lightly peppered dressing that makes any salad special! For green salads, fruit salads, drizzling over sliced tomatoes or dipping fresh strawberries. It’s addictive!

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