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Suppers Made Simple! At Home, Speed Scratch and Budget Friendly! Whip up a soup or main dish in minutes and impress family and guests alike!
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Black Bean Chili Mix
Deliciously easy and quick to cook! No soaking, no chopping and no shopping! Use ground beef or turkey for a hearty, healthy meal ready to eat in just minutes! Stock up!

Creamy Delta Bisque Mix (2 mixes in each box) BEST SELLER!
This rich creamy soup is a favorite at The Crown Restaurant and was featured on Turner South's Blue Ribbon TV show for Soups and Stews in 2005! Enjoy as it is, or add a wide variety of meats and vegetables to create your own soup (or delicious Pasta Sauce.) Add Shrimp, Crabmeat, cubed Ham, Chicken, Asparagus, Broccoli and Cheese. Even make your own Alfredo Sauce! You are the Chef - enjoy the creativity! Two mixes in each many meals can you create with one box for only $9.95?

Creole File' Gumbo - BEST SELLER!
Authentic Louisiana flavor with no effort at all! We’ve made the roux, chopped the vegetables – just add chicken broth, tomatoes and any meat you choose! Try chicken and sausage - that's how we make it at The Crown! Rice is included in the box for a delicious complete meal – Let the good times roll!

Creole File' Gumbo Mild
This is a Mild Version of our authentic Louisiana Gumbo! There is still a bit of heat....but made of MILD tastebuds! Let the good times roll!

East Indian Curry
“Golden” dish with exotic spices floating softly through this creamy curried sauce. Add chicken, a can of tomatoes and bake or use a slow cooker! Serve over rice - its included in the mix! Serves 6-8 deliciously!

Mama's Meatloaf Mix (2 mixes in each box) - BEST SELLER!
This traditional recipe creates moist meaty morsels that break apart at the touch of your fork! Mama’s Mix is a delicious return to the comfort food of the early 1900’s -- the foods that made us feel good and warm and content! Each of the two mixes in the box...makes a two pound meat loaf! Recipe suggestions on the box and on our website!

New Orleans Style Beef
In Louisiana, they call this dish Grillades and serve it over grits! You will call it heavenly and spicy with onion, celery and bell pepper! The rich “gravy” is made by adding beef broth and tomatoes to the mix. Bake or use a slow cooker. The mix will flavor 5 full pounds of cubed beef roast! How many lucky diners will “sop” up every drop of this tasty dish with some Bayou Beer Bread? LOTS!

Positively Smashing Potato Soup Mix
Just what you’ve been asking for! Deliciously flavorful and perfectly creamy potato soup that is easy and quick to prepare! Add milk (or water) and simmer slowly for 30 minutes. Try sour cream and cheese on top for “baked potato” style soup! Keep several Soup Mixes in your cupboard for those “soup emergencies!”

Tuscan Bean & Pasta Soup
Italian comfort food that’s delicious and so easy to make! Just add broth and tomatoes, or meat if you choose. You can cook it on top of the stove, but it is perfect in a slow cooker. This delicious dish is traditional Italian Pasta e Fagioli (pronounced Pasta Fa-zool in America.) There is also a variation on the box that is more traditional American Italian Restaurant style! Either's delicious!

White Chili (2 mixes in each box)
Fast and fabulous! This soup is hearty and healthy! Add canned beans, chunks of chicken or even fish to the tasty vegetables and spices already in our simple mix for a meal ready in minutes. The flavors will "wow" your happy diners. NOTE: We strongly recommend cooking one pound of dry white beans to use instead of canned (processed) beans! Less salt, more nutrition and you save money! Two mixes in each box is GREAT VALUE!

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