What's NEW at Taste of Gourmet?   

Four Customer Half-price Specials when you order $40.00 or more of our Delicious foods....

Comfort Food - Mama's Meatloaf..White Chili..Positively Smashing Potato Soup!  What's for supper?
# 850  -  $29.85 - for just $14.95

Party Pack - Two Dips and Two Desserts - Southern Praline Pie and Lake Shackleford Lemon Pie with Suddenly Salsa and Garlic Herb Dip!  Appetizers to Desserts!
# 851 - $33.80 - for just $16.90

Dessert Trio -   All-American Apple Cake, Southern Praline Pie and Mississippi Delta Fudge Pie!  Yum!
# 807 - $24.85 for just $12.50
South of the Border - Southwest Soup..Black Bean Chili...Suddenly Salsa....it's a Fiesta in your kitchen!
# 852 - $28.85 for just $14.45

NEED A FUNDRAISER? Groups around the country are LOVING the new products offered through Taste of Gourmet's Fundraising Program. Sponsors and customers are thrilled with the price and the quality! We've heard many of them say, "Your Fundraiser offers great 'Value for Money' to our buyers" and "they ask when will we do the fundraiser again?" 

In the past, hundreds of groups across the country have sold our products to raise money - Boy Scouts, Dance Teams, Church Choirs, Civic Clubs, Band Boosters, Cheerleaders, and others, and have found great success with our Fundraiser year after year.  With a total of 18 delicious choices to sell in the new Program, these groups are extremely excited about the selling possibilities!

Choose from pies, dips, desserts and muffins! Make life delicious with home-made food that is "speed scratch!"
For more information, contact us by email at evelyn@tasteofgourmet.com or simply call the Home Office at 800-833-7731 and we'll answer all your questions.

FOOD is a Gift of Love and we can handle ALL your gift giving needs!  You choose the combination of items you want to send and we do all the rest!  You can order on this website - go to Browse our Store...or you can call us at 1-800-833-7731 and someone will take your order on the phone!  Food is the perfect gift for everyone on your list!

Did you know that our Crispy Crumbles (#113 - $4.95 ) are now on sale over the internet? YES! You can serve The Crown's House Salad (romaine lettuce, diced fruit, Sweet Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette and Crispy Crumbles) now in your own home! The Crumbles are just the best "crouton" that you can imagine: tiny, a little spicy and flavorful. YUM!

Weight Watcher Points for all of our products are now available. Click the link to view the flyer or print a copy for yourself.

Call 662-887-9539

for hours 7 days a week!

Indianola is welcoming scores of visitors to our new B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center in downtown Indianola! Visitors can spend time exploring the Museum and then head over to The Crown for lunch and shopping!

The Museum is world class and B.B.'s story will touch your heart! B.B. is proud of the Museum and we are so glad he calls Indianola home. Come visit the Museum soon and experience our special brand of Southern Hospitality!
Ya'll come!   Call The Crown for reservations at 662-887-4522