Chocolate Truffle Cheese Cake Ball
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Chocolate Truffles

1 package Chocolate Truffle Cheese Cake Ball Mix
8 oz cream cheese   
4 oz butter
12 oz. chocolate chips

  • Make the one of the Chocolate Truffle Cheese Cake Ball mixes according to directions using the butter and cream cheese. 
  • Refrigerate until very cold!
  • Form into balls, place on cookie sheet, stick a toothpick into each one and freeze. 
  • Melt chocolate chips over hot water. 
  • Remove balls from freezer a few at a time and dip the balls immediately into the melted chips.
  • Remove the toothpick and put them back into the freezer. If you can see a “hole” from the toothpick, just drizzle a touch of chocolate over the hole. Heavenly!

You can also make Truffles using the Lemon Almond or the Toffee Crunch Cheese Cake Balls - Just follow the same directions!

Chocolate Truffle Refrigerator Pie

1 package Chocolate Truffle Cheese Cake Ball mix
8 oz. whipped topping or whipped cream
1/4 cup mini chocolate chips
1/4 to 1/2 cup toasted pecans or almonds (optional)
1 prepared Oreo Pie Crust

  • Prepare one of the Cheese Cake Balls as directed with butter and cream cheese. 
  • Spread 1/2 the Chocolate mixture into the bottom of Oreo pie crust.
  • Mix gently the rest of the chocolate mixture with the whipped topping and smooth it into the pie crust. 
  • Top with the chocolate chips (and toasted pecans or almonds if you choose)
  • Wrap tightly and refrigerate until needed.

Quick Bite

Put half a teaspoon of Chocolate Truffle Cheese Cake Ball on half of a fresh strawberry, for a pretty and delicious pick up dessert!

Fill baked pastry or filo shells with the Chocolate Truffle Cheese Cake Ball mixture. Use tiny bite-size shells or individual serving size. Top with whipped cream (or topping) and toasted pecans, almonds or walnuts.