White Chili
# 414 -  $9.95 (2 mixes)

Serving Suggestions:                   

  • All you add to the White Chili is chicken broth (or water) and 4 cans of Great Northern Beans or other white beans. You'll be eating our White Chili in about 30 minutes - loving every bite.
  • Place raw diced chicken in the Chili and let it cook and add extra flavor. This makes a delicious meal with low Weight Watcher points.
  • Add grated Mozarella, or Monterey Jack cheese to the White Chili.
  • Fill burritos with the Chili mixture and top with Suddenly Salsa or more White Chili.
  • Add 1/2  teaspoon of Chipolte Sauce, or 1 teaspoon of Chimmi Sauce or a can of chopped green chilis to the prepared White Chili.

Heart Healthy suggestions:  
Instead of canned beans that contain salt, cook your own beans without salt to add to the Chili mixture.  One lb. (or a little less) of dried beans works perfectly.
Use water instead of chicken broth - when you cook the diced chicken in the Chili mixture, you will get a good HEALTHY chicken flavor without the added salt.
Vegetarians will love the combination of flavors in the White Chili when it's made without chicken or chicken broth. Perfect served over rice!


Margaret's White Chili Pie
       1 bag of White Chili (2 bags are in the box)
       5 cups water or chicken broth
       1 to 2 pounds diced chicken breast
       1 cup or more of shredded cheddar cheese
       1 box of Jiffy Cornbread mix

  • Prepare White Chili using broth (or water) and chicken and beans as directed on the box. Enjoy eating a great meal of Chili - take the "leftovers" (that we call Bonus Meals) and prepare Margaret's Pie.
  • Place the Bonus Chili in a baking dish that fits the amount you have. Sprinkle the cheese over the Chili.  Prepare the Cornbread as directed on the box and pour over the cheese. Bake until browned and serve hot!

from Margaret Gainey, Mississippi-- This recipe came from a challenge to create recipes using our products and it's great!