The Crown's Royal Fudge Sauce   
#509  $8.95

The dark "Fudgey" flavor of this rich dessert sauce will drift your tastebuds right down the Mississippi and into chocolate lover's heaven!  
It is so good it should be "medicinal!"

Note from Evelyn: I always warm the Fudge Sauce and stir it well before I start serving it. Usually, I just set the closed jar in very hot water for about 5 minutes then stir. (Or you can microwave for a few seconds in a bowl.) To tell the truth  - sometime I just open the jar and eat it with a spoon!

Fudgey Mud Cake

       1 box of Mississippi Mud Cake - baked as directed on the box.

        1/3 jar of The Crown's Royal Fudge Sauce

  • Bake the Cake by the directions. Remove from oven, cool enough to remove the parchment or waxed paper, then place on a serving plate. 

  • Place the Royal Fudge Sauce in a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds or so - just to lightly warm the sauce.   

  • Using a fork, make a few pricks in the top of the cake. Pour the Fudge Sauce over the cake and smooth with a knife.

  • The Sauce will "melt" into the cake and what a Fudgey, tasty treat it will be!

Serving Suggestions:

  • Use our Royal Fudge Sauce as an elegant "dipping sauce" for fresh strawberries or fresh pineapple.

  • Drizzle a little Royal Fudge Sauce in zig zag lines over a plate (like the fancy chefs do) then pop a piece of our Lake Shackleford Lemon Pie on top! (Or any of our pies - I just love the lemon and fudge combination.)

  • Make a refrigerator pie using a prepared Graham Crust (or Oreo) and our Toffee Crunch or Chocolate Truffle Cheese Cake Ball! Then drizzle the top with zigs of Royal Fudge Sauce.

  • Add a "burst" of flavor when you drizzle a little Sauce over any of our yummy desserts! Try it on Mississippi Mud Cake, Southern Praline Pie or Mississippi Delta Fudge Pie. You'll love it!