Wonderful food and a warm welcome have been our focus since we opened The Crown Restaurant in 1976.  Now we are sharing those same feelings with all of you through Taste of Gourmet. Our family warmly welcomes you to browse through these pages. Imagine the smells of the delicious foods, plan how you’ll use them in your own kitchen, and savor the actual tastes of the foods at the Tastings our Gourmet Consultants are holding in homes all over the country!

Since we founded Taste of Gourmet, we have been blessed with a unique opportunity to share the lives of our customers and our Consultants through this new business!  We invite you to join our growing Taste of Gourmet family and join us in having Fun with Food!

Have a Delicious Day,
Evelyn and Tony Roughton,
     Jenn, Sage and Prescott Schaumburg

Delicious Products
Everyone's favorite pastime ~ Eating!

Take a few moments to browse through some of the foods in each menu category. Soak up the flavors! 
We know you will just have to Taste!  That's the essence of Taste of Gourmet!


Our Customer Special
When you place an order for $40.00 or more, you can choose ONE of four Combo Packs for Half-Price!
Comfort Food: $14.95  ($29.85)
Mama's Meatloaf, White Chili and Potato Soup
Party Pack: $16.90 ($33.80)
Southern Praline Pie, Lake Shackleford Lemon Pie, Garlic Herb Dip and Suddenly Salsa

Dessert Trio $11.93($23.85)

All-American Apple Cake, Southern Praline Pie, Mississippi Delta Fudge Pie

NOTE:  Smoked Catfish Pate is ONLY available at The Crown in Indianola. No other stores carry our Pate.

It can be shipped, but shipping costs vary widely depending on the number bought and where it is being shipped.   Please call us at 800-833-7731 to talk to us and place your order.  OR just bring an ice chest and come to Indianola for your Pate!

Great Value - Fabulous Flavors - Comfort Food!

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients Lists for our products can be accessed on the left - alphabetical by product name, with Weight Watcher Points as well. 

On the left is a simple Pantry Shopping List for the grocery store. With these few items you can prepare ALL of our luscious products. We make cookin' and shopping really simple!

Lots of Recipes using our products are available. Click on the Recipe Archives for a listing of products and some fantastic recipes and ideas using Taste of Gourmet's delicious mixes and condiments!

Suppers made Simple is a new way to cook using what we call Bonus meals.... used to be leftovers!
Our recipes give you shopping lists, and ways to take 1 or 2 cups of soup and make another entirely different dish! Great freezing ideas too! Have a look!

Are you being careful what you eat and need Weight Watcher Points for all of our products? We have them!

Enjoy the easy life this summer with Taste of Gourmet's Sizzling Summer Recipes!


On-Line Ordering

Taste of Gourmet is a unique Specialty Gourmet Grocery Store providing exceptional foods, selling direct to customers for themselves and for gifts. We welcome your order on-line!  Please give us your Consultant's Name and/or Number that your Consultant put on the back of your catalog. If you do not know a Consultant and wish to order on-line, please proceed without a number or name. If you would like to talk with a real person simply call us at 800-833-7731. You will love our Gourmet Foods and our personal friendly service!


     Shipping Rates

  Up   to  $20        $7.95
  $20.01  to  $40   $9.95
  $40.01  to  $60   $11.95
  $60.01  to  $80   $13.95
  $80.01  to  $100 $15.95
  $100.01 to $150  $18.95
  $150.01 to $200  $22.95
  $200.01 to $300  $26.95
  $300.01 to $400  $29.95


A shipping charge will be made for each address shipped separately.  

Gifts will be packed with tissue, shred and a personal hand-written card placed INSIDE the box!  At no extra charge.