RazzMaTazz   -  # 502  $8.95

Need a little spice in your life?  Our new sauce will jazz up your dishes like never before.  Three berries and smoky peppers combine flavors in a sauce that will make your taste buds sing.  Raspberries, blueberries and cranberries are an unforgettable trio!  Serve it over cream cheese for the happiest appetizer ever, use it as a drizzling sauce over grilled meat and fish or dip chicken tenders or meatballs into the Razz!  Slices of cheesecake will come alive topped with RazzMaTazz!

RazzMaTazz makes a spectacular and simple snack food for tailgating parties! 
Make a layered dip with cream cheese spread with RazzMaTazz - a combo of raspberries, cranberries and blue berries with a little kick of chipotle in this sweet hot condiment...delicious on grilled fish or as a dipping sauce for fried chicken tenders!

I like to cut an 8 oz block of cream cheese into two "slices"...with a sharp knife cutting very cold cream cheese into two rectangles. Spread a tablespoon of RazzMaTazz on top of each slice and serve at once... or refrigerate until you are ready to eat!

Want it fancier?  Line a small bowl or square plastic container with plastic wrap!
Press one 8 oz block of cream cheese into the bottom.   Spread RazzMaTazz over that layer...then continue pressing blocks of cream cheese and spreading with RazzMaTazz into as many "layers" as you want!  Couldn't be easier and it will hold in the fridge for a week!  When ready to serve... turn the bowl onto your serving platter and top the "torta" with more RazzMaTazz and enjoy every bite!